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Dear Old Me…

25 Jan

43AC18AA-1926-447B-92F5-4154E981A6A5.jpegTonight a friend from work posted some old pictures,  One of them was me several years ago, the old me.  I cringed a bit.  I always do when I see old pictures of me. I quickly passed them by and got busy doing “mom stuff” . All of a sudden a text from another friend came through it was that picture with the words ” just a little reminder…”  My response?  “That poor girl, she doesn’t know what she’s been missing. I have a couple of things to tell the old me.” So of course she replies…”so tell her…”  So here you go. Maybe you can relate. Maybe it helps some of you understand me better…maybe it will help some of you understand yourselves better.

Dear Old Me,

You’ve come a long way baby!!!  And I promise you’ll be so damn proud of yourself.  You have so much to give and I never want you to give up.  The girl you are now is so much stronger than she used to be.  And your thinner face and curvy body aren’t all that has improved.  You have inner strength, I promise you.  Just don’t give up.  You’re going to be more confident and sassy.  You are fucking beautiful…and no one need ever tell you that. You’re gonna learn to just know you are.  You have worth.  You are deserving of love and effort and respect.  You are not a pudgy pal. Stop calling yourself that.  Stop making fun of your body.  It is strong…and girlfriend, it’s only getting stronger.

You’re going to try new things. You’re going to learn so much more about the person you are.  Few people will ever really “see” you (a really smart person told you that), but you’re going to learn that it’s ok.  You’ve got depth and soul and wit. Don’t ever let anyone  take that from you. That’s your gift.  It’s worthy of sharing. It’s worthy of treasuring too.

You’re going to run, you’re going to show up and you’re not going to stop.  Don’t give up.  I’m going to keep saying it…don’t give up on yourself!!!  You have to get more uncomfortable than you have ever been to get where your going.  You have to be true to yourself.  You have to be honest with yourself.  You have to give up negativity.

It’s not all fun and games though…  I’m going to tell you a secret.  The journey you will embark upon is full of some dips in the road.  Some of them will bring you low enough to question if you really are worth it.  Some of them will break you in pieces.  Some will drag you backwards a little (don’t worry, it will inspire a dainty forearm tattoo… ) Some days, getting out of bed will be a huge effort.  Those are the days you’re going to learn the most.  There will be days where you question everything. Whether you can be successful again.   You will…you just can’t give up.  If you’re smart enough to come up with witty vagina jokes at three am on 30 minutes of sleep, I assure you that you can figure it all out again.  You will be successful.  You will love yourself again, but you have to fight. And there’s gonna be tears.  Fight like the bad ass you are…and don’t ever let anyone bring you down.   You are worth it.  So cry if you have to, but fight…  You deserve to be fought for.  Fight for yourself dammit!!!!!

Don’t you ever forget that the only person who ever needs to love you…is you.  You are complete all on your own, sista.  Let the real you shine… because even in the broken pieces, you reflect light.

I love you..always…

The me I am now…and the future me

PS You have a great ass…so its ok if you make fun of it a little 🙂

So all of you, keep on keeping’ on.  I firmly believe you’re worth everything.  Never give up on yourself. ALWAYS be true to who you really are.  You are worth fighting for.

No regrets, Until next time,

DP Babbles



Wishes for my peeps…

3 Jan

B61A652E-6152-4CA4-BD47-682C4B7DB91D.jpegI have been thinking of the things I want for the new  year.  As a non believer of resolutions, I have decided that although there are things I want for me; there are things I wish for my friends. I have several friends going through things and my hope is maybe they will ring true for some of you…and that my wishes for you may be granted in the new year. I mean I don’t know if the wish maker gives a shit about my wishes, but since they are not for me, maybe he’ll make an exception.  (Yes, I think it’s a male, because clearly he likes to fuck with my head, so male it is.)

For the friend who life keeps happening in spectacular fashion to.  And not let’s celebrate spectacular fashion either, like the “something’s gotta give” fashion.  I wish you peace. I wish you more happy moments than sad this year. Above all I wish you the power to find the pieces of you that make you whole.  Notice I said pieces that make YOU whole. We can’t go around making others whole anymore. Sometimes we have to worry about us because no one else will.  I know I sound jaded, but I’m not.  I’m just thinking no one cares about us more than us…and truthfully, most don’t care at all.

To my friend that struggles with what the right decision is and when, I wish you knowledge and courage to figure that out.  Since I can’t make any decision for anyone.  I want nothing but the best for you and you deserve your heart’s desire.  So hopefully the universe helps a sista out.

For the friend who’s heart has seem to grow a little colder, at least from my view, I wish you warmth and shine.  You are worth more than you can ever imagine…don’t let life make you think otherwise.  I see so much goodness and love in you, and I pray and wish you don’t let it go. Your soul is remarkable. Don’t ever forget that.

To my friend who doesn’t quite believe she can do it…I wish you a whole lotta can do.  I’d like you to believe you can kick ass and accomplish your goal.  Get goin’ girlie…it’s all in you.

For my friend who is tired; who goes from sun up to the wee hours. Who hangs on by a string but never lets anyone know. I see you.  I wish you rest, and to run away to a beautiful island with a cabana boy who serves you drinks on a silver platter while you lay in your hammock over the beautiful clear blue waters. (Ok, I kind of wish that too…because that shit sounds amazing!!!) Never underestimate how kick ass you are.

For my friend who does for everyone, and never does for her.  I wish you a year of just doing you,.  Because seriously, you give so much, and for all the giving you deserve sometime to discover just how amazing you are.  You’ve told me a million times “you do you!”  And so I wish you that. Put you first, chick!!!!!

I think that if we look hard enough, there’s a little of us in all of these friends of mine.  And no my friends are not imaginary.   I know some of the best people…I feel so blessed.  It makes up for all the fuckery and negativity the world seems to hand out these days.

I do have some wishes for me… but in the big scheme of things, they just aren’t the biggest deal.  If they have escaped me for this long, what’s another year?  I’d much rather send you some positive vibes from the universe.  I’m putting it out there. Take it and run with it.

Wishing all of you the best this year…whatever that best may be.

Until Next Time,

DP Babbles