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29 Jan



There are always going to be obstacles in life.  And they suck but I’m learning that the way I handle it makes me suck a little more due to lack of patience.  I’ve been in search of my positive pants because one measly joint in my left foot is being such an asshole to me that it’s held me back from my scheduled goals.   And I have proven to myself if you give me a goal to meet I’m going to find a way to conquer it.  But yet this one little ouchie has been the ultimate thorn in my ass…or foot.

I’m sitting here thinking of ways I can be more positive when faced with obstacles…so I’m going to try and make it humorous. Let’s see if you can relate…

Obstacle 1:  Assholes in life.  Life is full of them.  The one’s who can never admit they’ve done something wrong.  The ones that hurt feelings and can’t admit that maybe they sucked just a bit for a moment.  We all suck sometimes.  Saying I admit I suck sometimes…makes you less of an asshole.  Positive solution?  Be the better person. By better I mean, mentally punch that shit head in the face and move on. Let go.  Chances are if they can’t recognize their jerky behavior… they never will. So groove on, hot stuff.  You deserve people in life who value your place in theirs.  Harder said than done…it won’t always be that way.  Don’t force people…it only chokes you out in the end.

Obstacle 2:  Worrying.  I’m a worrier.  Most of the things I worry about never actually happen. It’s totally useless to worry.  But we all do it.    I worry about money, kids, work, people.   None of that shit worries about me.  My kids mean well but they don’t know what worry means.  So what positive thing can we do to not worry.  (I’m totally flying blind on this…)  Let’s create a rule: If it doesn’t give a shit about us, don’t give a shit about it. Plan for finances, but don’t let it make you sick.  You have no choice but to worry about your kids so suck it up.  Work doesn’t worry about you…have a glass of wine and say cheers.   And you never cross some peoples mind so…just stop worrying about them.  If that doesn’t work I could propose 50 push ups per worry.  Or 100 squats per crappy person your worrying about.  Ok, ok so you may still worry, but dat ass though after those squats, #amiright?   Besides if you truly did that, you’d be sore enough to not worry your pretty little head.  Right?  I’m a damn genius!!!

Obstacle 3:  Injury.  This has been my thorn.  It’s actually kept me quite down.  But today I’m vowing to turn this negative into a positive.  I’m going to just do my best.  If my best is modifying every exercise until I’m “normal” then, so be it.  I may have to do plank and push ups on my knees but I showed up.  (and my knees got some work in too!) Doing something is better than the nothing I was doing a month ago.  If I show up to exercise, chances are my thighs are still cheering but everything is working through the cheers.  The people who want to see you succeed, will make sure their thighs are cheering for you too! And the people who aren’t…see Obstacle one and two.  F*ck that shit.  Let go, do 50 pushups and 100 squats.  You feel better now, right?

Obstacle 3: Life.  Sometimes it’s just not fair. While it would be great to have a time out and a two year old tantrum, it just can’t work like that.  Life is just not fair.  We take the good with the bad, the assholes with the real friends, the brussel sprouts with the great big hamburger and fries (I’m hungry).  Sometimes life can’t help to be a big piece of liver and onions with a side of spinach (I like those, I but I’m sure most readers won’t).  Sometimes we just have to accept the lesson learned and that’s the positive.  The positive is that life is a roller coaster and the tough times don’t last. Tough people do.  Hey, you…you sassy amazing bitch of a chick, you are tough. And whether its any of the above mentioned…you can get past it.  I mean if you think that a bunch of f*cking assholes and a bum toe joint is going to get in my way, I’ve got news for you. Watch this asshole run right past you assholes.

So what can you take from this?  Really whatever the hell you want.

All I’m saying is this…don’t feel forced to be part of my life, or anyone elses.  I’m not groovy with forced friendships.   Don’t be an asshole, but if you happen to, it’s ok to apologize for that.  We all suck sometimes. Work through that injury.  Replace injury with whatever is ailing you currently.  And live life, but don’t be a whiner.  Try and replace your negative drawers with positive panties.  And be kind if you can…the sincere kind of kind.

No one is perfect. Stop pretending to be or expecting everyone around you to be.  Psssst. We are all flawed…and we all have obstacles.

I am forever flawed and hope to be fully accepted for all of them, but totally ok if I cannot.

Until next time…

DP Babbles

(the squatter of squats and pusher of push ups)



The Crazy Day of Me…

8 Jan


Do you ever get a little overwhelmed with the wheels that spin in your head.  I’ve recently had a few of things going on in my personal life that have kind of spun my wheels in the opposite direction they were going.  Spinning to the point where I don’t feel like me some days.  Today was a tweener day for me.  It has nothing to do with an actual “tweener” you sickos.  It’s a day of transition to a new adventure, a new way to get the “me” I love back.

Yesterday I was excited for a new adventure, but exhausted after two hours of sleep post work call and a couple bottles of champagne.  So today was a day where the kiddos and I chilled.  By chill I mean I lay in bed acting like an asshole and letting my wheels spin.  So I slept on and off, neglected to eat and thought about whats to come.

I’ve been working on me for a long while but the last couple of months I kind of lost that strong chick, the confident one who’s happy.  I wish the pre-marathon me knew what to expect of the post marathon me.   I wish I didn’t have such high expectations of what post marathon me would be.  But tomorrow, I’m going to forgive her (talking about yourself in the third person is fucking stupid!) and move on.  I seriously hope that all of the people who noticed a shift in confidence and personality can forgive me too.

So last week I began training with my running coach again.  And I felt more alive than I have been in two months.  And tomorrow I begin a dedicated  journey to finish the one thing I promised myself I would finish.  I am finding my goal weigh/body, and the girl I knew a month or two ago.  It’s a promise I’m making to me in front of my few readers.   Yes, for everyone who tells me I’ve come a long way, you’re right.  I have the before pictures to prove it.  But  I’m not done. And there’s a tattoo at the end of this goal.  (don’t tell my mom yet!lol)

The thing about life is that we can’t all be perfect.  We make mistakes. We utterly fuck up in awful ways. We also have the ability to forgive and heal.  We have the ability to kick our own asses in to gear.  We have the ability to move onward and upward.   We have the opportunity to support each other.

My aunt texted me the night before I ran my marathon.  She reminded me that the race doesn’t define me.  That running never did.  That what defines me is the woman I am.  She’s right. I forget that.  I really forgot that.   How lucky I am to have people who really know and accept me for the me I am.  If your one of those people, thank you. Know that even when I struggle, I absolutely accept you.  I’m a needy little bitch about it sometimes.  But I promise, I accept you for the imperfect person you are.

I certainly appreciate all of the support I have received in the past and all the support and incentives to get me to my next destination.

So…Laura and Katie will be kicking my ass.  I see a Asbury Park Half Marathon in my future and a new me before 40.  I see that badass strong bitch right in front of me (even when my grammar and spelling suuuuck!).  I’m coming for her.  And I appreciate your support in the process.

For those that need a little inspiration, it’s all in you.  Right inside your heart.   And I know that now.  So from here on out … Let’s be bad ass together.

No regrets…(it’s all part of the journey)

Until next time,

DP Babbles