30 Dec

img_5181Life’s a bitch. It doesn’t have to be but in the process of learning and being one with your journey, inevitably shit happens and life just bitch slaps the f*ck out of you.  I’m tired of the bitch slaps. Not that life is horrible but there are some days that I’d like to bitch slap it right back.

Like when you are disappointed by people in life who always seem to know how to make you feel like an asshole.  You just try to do right by everyone and yet, you always feel like a second class citizen who can’t ever seem to get it right. Do you know those people? I do and it’s sucks. They are there to teach us lessons.

Does everything in life have to be a damn lesson. Maybe I just don’t want to learn anything. Maybe I just want to smile and laugh and have a good damn time. (Ok, I know how to have a good time…but still…we all have these moments)  I would like to easily shake that shit off in the new year. Hey universe…can I have that?????

How about those moments when you are all discombobulated and people keep taking what you say the wrong way. Then you just feel like a total irritating pain in the ass because you want to make it better, but you can’t.  I hate hate, hate being misunderstood. I really like being a cool chick, but sometimes we all have nerdy emotional moments…cause we’re chicks (or sandy vaginas if you’re a dude)  And chances are when we are misunderstood, others don’t really give a shit how we feel. Not being the center of the universe is rough, right? Lol  I wish others could be as sensitive to my feelings as I would be to theirs. But the fact is, it doesn’t really matter…I find it’s a quality that’s really rare these days. I’m not sure why. I’m mortified by making someone feel bad or upsetting them. Maybe I’m just going to say f*ck that in the New Year. Make your own damn self laugh.  A little effort in life goes a long way…but you only have control over you. So, I’ll control me. And I’m sure I’ll still be putting way too much effort into it.  And once I put too much effort into it and I feel dumb enough, I will nine times out of ten say something shitty to push away anyone who I’ve remotely felt stupid around. That’s what I do. All the time. (You see this viscious cycle…it’s tiring, right? I’m so not alone in this)

I like when you’re upset and people just tell you to let it go. If that were easy, I’d be letting every damn thing go. My cares, my anxiety, my bitchiness, the people who treat me shitty… just leave it there on the sidewalk like trash for someone else to deal with.  Boom…gone.

Thars what I’d like to do for the new year. The secret is I have absolute control over that, we all do. It’s a tough lesson that I haven’t figured out yet. If you people figure it out, tips are accepted!

I care…I just do. And I’m never going to be the gal who doesn’t. I care what people think of me. I think most of us do. And if you’re just like me (a fun, funny, kinda cute, but sensitive…sensitive as hell chick !!!) I’m sending you knuckle bumps. You’re ok, kid. Worth so much more than you give yourself credit for.

So there, my friend…you don’t have to do anything in the new year. You are totally fine just the way you are. Just love yo’self and do the best you can.  If someone can’t see past your imperfections…maybe that’s just going to be ok, even if it stings a bit. I see you, all of your imperfections…and I think they are amazing. You just bitch slap life right back!

Until Next time…

Happy New Year

DP Babbles






One Response to “Misunderstood”

  1. Marianne January 2, 2017 at 3:56 am #

    Please don’t ever change, DP. But there’s nothing wrong with gently letting go of people who (intentionally or not) frequently make you feel bad. We choose the company we keep. The ones you choose are the lucky ones. The ones you shut out will hopefully take the time to reflect on why.


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