Christmas, New Years & The Road Ahead

21 Dec

img_5006The holidays are fast approaching.  Before you can blink everyone will be waking up to Christmas, sticking baby Jesus in the Manger and making New Years Plans.  I’ll be ringing in the New Years with just me and the kiddos.  We’re going to make our own crazy party.  (Don’t get too excited for me!)  It’s been a year of some incredible highs, some great fun, some lows. It’s life, and how it’s supposed to be.  I’m all sorts of proud, happy with a sprinkle of sad all in one.  So I wanted to let you know the things I was wanting for you (and for me) as the New Year approaches.  I know we agreed to not exchange presents, but I’m a giver…and so you will take my well wishes and like it.

I want to give you the gift of peace.  Peace to know that you really are doing the best you can.  That life really is about being nice to yourself sometimes.   I unfortunately will tear myself up just to try and make sure everyone else is ok.  This…this is NOT ok.  Don’t do that. There’s a way to  do your best for you and not be a dick to others.  I hope you middle ground. I hope I do too.  So don’t get too mad if I give myself a little peace, too.

Please take this gift of laughter from me.   There is nothing I love more than to see others laugh and smile, even if its at my expense.  All of you Grinch-types, just let it go. You need to laugh.  You’re just going to feel a whole lot better about life.  When I’m in shitty one word bad mood mode, there is nothing that makes that so much better than a really good laugh. It doesn’t take much to turn my bad moods around.  Smiling really is my favorite, followed by inappropriate jokes and sarcasm.  So laugh damn it!

Can I offer you a shoulder to cry on?   Sometimes life sucks a fat one, mainly because we have unrealistic expectations of life, people, etc.   There is nothing better than blasting your radio to some sad Air Supply song just to get it out.  We need this in life too.  Don’t want to do it alone. I’ll pick your ass up, and we can do it together.

I wish you a whole year of being the third car back at a red light and not having the douche canoe behind you beep his horn as soon as the light turns green.  Actually, shit…take a whole year of no red lights on me while were at it.  I’ll take the traffic away too.  Ha! I know this is unrealistic.

Here are some of my wishes.  I will wish them for you if it relates…

I wish for getting back in the game.  What game do you ask? Whatever game will give me purpose and make me feel like a bad ass again.  This has been a rut like no other and I’ve had to dig deep for patience.    Patience is not my virtue.  I have a goal, and I can see it.  I can feel the fog lifting and I see that bad ass chick. I know her well, I just forgot her for a bit.  She needs a cape and some hope…but I will get there again…and do even better.

I wish not to let people take advantage of my kindness.  I have a good heart, and with it comes a soft shell at times.  I really can’t ask people not to be assholes. So really, I just want to harden my shell a bit, not wear my heart on my sleeve.  You want to talk to me when its only convenient for you, you may not get my immediate attention like you normally would when you actually want attention.   You want to talk shit about me, I’d like the gift of busting my give a damn.  Some days I want to be a total bitch when people treat me shitty.  But I can’t until I’m really done.  That’s the thing though, when I’m done…I’m done.

Lastly, I wish to have some damn patience. Patience for myself and just to learn that instant gratification isn’t always the best kind of gratification.  Most people have this issue. Sometimes we just had to let go and let life play out.  Let it ride.  The control freak in me can’t do that.  I am my own crown of thorns…

All of these things I’ve wished for, for you and for me…these are all attainable things.  (except the traffic and red lights, you’re shit out of luck on that one!).  It’s all inside every one of us. Right inside your heart.  So I can wish them, but we actually have to put some work into it.  So go inside that trusty noggin of yours and dust off the tools you need.

I have a hammer ready.  I’m going to bust my give a damn and learn all about patience!

Wishing all of you a Very Merry Christmas or whatever you happen to celebrate.  May you have greater blessings than the presents under the tree, and a year full of goals (not resolutions cause those are stupid!!!!) to strive for.

Your cheerleader always (unless you’re a douche canoe),

DP Babbles


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