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Marathon training is life training…I think

18 Aug

imageI’m a few months shy of running the big 26.2 and summer training hasn’t been all I dreamed it would be for me.  Actually, if we’re being honest here, it f*cking sucked.  And although I feel like I didn’t get all the mileage in I needed or wanted to I’m excited to send the munchkins off to school and give it my all.  See, in a phone meeting with my coach a few weeks back when I really felt she may kick me to the curb for not trying hard enough she said a few things that stuck.  These aren’t verbatim  of course because I suck at that too.  She said that it (marathon training) was hard and that it’s just too big to understand while I’m doing it.  She told me to respect the heat and not worry about my pace. And she told me to listen to my bod.  That life happens and will get in the way.   That I will be just fine but i have to be mentally tough for like mile 18 or so because I’m going to want to quit and I have to train myself to keep going.

And then I like…mile 18?  What did I get myself into?  And I took a deep breath…and I keep taking deep breaths.  I don’t want to disappoint anyone.  My coach who puts up with me and is giving me her all to get through all 26.2 miles (Thank you, Laura).  All of my amazing friends and family who have donated to my cause (and by the way thank you so very much!), my family and friends who have helped me at times to watch the littles so I can get a run done. This includes going into work late (Thank you,Peter J), Waking up at the ass crack of dawn (thank you Kelli!) and even keeping my kiddos overnight (thank you Mom and Dad).  Most of all, I don’t want to disappoint me.  I keep forgetting how far I’ve come.  I keep on focusing on how far I have to go… so these are the reasons why marathon training is life training.

  1.  Always pee before you leave:  There’s nothing worse than getting out on a street and there are no places to “go”. How many times did our parents tell us to go to the bathroom before we leave? Freaking go pee!!!!!!  Yes, that means peeling back the compression gear and  peeling it right back on.  And God help me if the great GI discomfort comes on… which leads to …
  2. BE PREPARED: This includes some toilet paper or wipes (or leaves if you didn’t listen, how many times did your mama have to tell you to friggen listen?), This also includes water, water stops, energy gels, sunglasses… and yes…keys.  I love getting to the back of my development at 5 am in the morning and having to run all the way back to the house and sneak back in because I forgot the key to the gate.   my mother will tell you I’m terrible at listening.
  3. It’s all about time on your feet:  So then why the f*ck can’t life cooperate.    I came back home from an 11 miler after like…a million years… and a wise owl said. “You know you run half marathons in less time, right?”  So then I went in my little sweaty corner and cried feeling sorry for myself for being even slower than the slow runner I was during races.  But in that wise owl’s eyes, he just couldn’t understand the training.  He didn’t even mean it negatively. He was really trying to understand.  So I said. It’s not about pace, its about time. Time on my feet.  I’m not racing…I’m training. So last week when I came home after 13, he looked at me and said. wow, and you don’t even look like your dying.  And that’s when I realized its all relative.  I’ve never run a half marathon during the roasting summer heat, but I did last week, and I wasn’t dying.  So, the life lesson?  All the little stuff adds up. All the things you do, it makes a difference in your quest for success.  (Just don’t forget to wipe your ass… refer back to #2)
  4. Do things that scare you.  As if 26.2 miles doesn’t scare the shit out of me. You know what does. Running in the dark early in the morning.  You know why?  Spider webs, scary stories you hear on the news, and the damn paper guy in his creepy creaky van. Believe it or not crossing major streets used to scare me too.  I know this is absolutely ridiculous, but we all have our things.  Thankfully, the spiders haven’t been so horrible, music drowns everything else out. All of the negativity.  (and I use the cross walk to cross the highway) Too bad for my neighbor’s having to endure my voice first thing in the morning. Life lesson:  It feels amazing when we do the things that scare us the most, when we actually overcome that fear.  I think I’ve spent a good portion of 38 years scared of my shadow. One by one I’m kicking the shit out of my fears.
  5. Never give up when it matters.  It is said by a some flipping wise person that success is often attained just before you’re about to give up.  Todays run has been a nemesis to me.  A thorn in my ass…my mental block.  I saw my Coach’s note. I know this one is important. I know she told me to think fast…but why do my legs keep telling me to go f*ck myself?   So you know what? I’ m just going to keep going. I’m not giving up, I’m going to kick that run’s ass.  I really do think I’d like someone to run and throw things at me to make me run faster and stop thinking about it.  But I really want to feel the success from this one.  I think it would make a difference. The life lesson here is self explanatory. No one got anything they wanted by throwing in the towel.  And I won’t be.  I’ve got people in my corner. I’ve got a Coach with the patience of Job.  And a family who is always ready to roll with the punches (even when I am a “run-hole”).  I’ve got friends ready to be at my side at the finish line with them.  so no giving up.

My dad and I sat in his doctor’s office today and he was just so proud of me.  He asked me if I could wear anything around my neck when I run my marathon. And when I said I could he told me since he couldn’t be there on November 6th, he wants me to wear his chain with his St. Anthony medal on it and that he would be following  my little dot on the map as I run around New York.  Oh the tears. St. Anthony, the patron saint of lost things. How fitting that I would be wearing the patron saint of lost things, in the one place on my journey that I know I will find so much of myself.


Until next time…