Let’s Give a Shout Out to Positive Change

6 Jan


Well Happy New Year, everyone! I am excited for a new beginning of sorts. Not a resolution of course, just a corner I’ve turned that makes me feel like I now am able to fully commit to me and getting my shit together. But, here’s the thing. There are some amazing things going on in the lives of others and it shows just how much there is to be excited about in the new year. And some of the people I know just don’t know how to get as excited as I am about it. So, I’m going to help them out.

Today I got back on the running train and had a kick ass run.  Firstly, I didn’t face plant into the sidewalk like I so eloquently did on New Year’s Eve. (If the lawn maintenance crew happen to be comedians, I give them plenty of stupid clumsy bitch jokes to write) I made my mileage at pretty good pace.  It was so kick ass that I would have had Morgan Freeman narrate it.  I’m not going to lie,though, Jimmy Fallon would probably be able to narrate it more my style.   So it was a good start. Tomorrow starts the beginning of the ass beating I intend to give myself via hard work and exercise. I’ve got shit to do and I intend on getting it done. Nothing but positivity with the occasional well placed F bomb.  Like this:  I f@cking love to sit on my ass and read smutty books run. Hell f@cking yeah, Imma tear up this Big Mac spinach salad up. Holy f@ck, this bootcamp session sucks  is f@cking awesome. See what I did there?  Positivity… but it’s not just about me…  This is what awesomeness is going down around me.

My friend, Mrs. W, is starting off the year with her first half marathon. She has had an amazing transformation and her journey to half marathon is about to become reality. She inspires me every damn day. Getting healthy is fricken hard. People don’t like when you want to change shit up on them. She has broken barriers…and I’m so excited for her journey. So, go Mrs. W!!!!!! I heartachoo!!!!

I have a friend from elementary school who is all kinds of beauty and brains. Erica Nowacki opened a Pilates studio called Core954 with her hubs.  She is changing lives and bodies.  This is huge stuff. We need more confidence and her confidence and get it done attitude is contagious.  There isn’t anyone more supportive of change.  If you live in the Broward area, you should check her classes out. (I certainly intend to!) See what the fuss is all about at http://www.core954.com !

One of my first Pediatric Nursing preceptors recently started on her journey. I just ran a race with her last month.  She has also made quite a transformation. Just awesome sauce kind of stuff. I still won’t let her live down the time some kiddo puked macaroni and cheese all over the floor and I cleaned it up because she can’t do vomit, but who cares now. She’s running like a champ!

My sister, Princess Ariel, (I gave her an alias for fun…it was really for my fun though cause most of you know her) has been kicking some crazy booty in her new position at work. She’s the boss lady and I’m so proud of her. Now that she’s got that in order she’s working on herself a bit. Doing some fun healthy eating and working out of her own. I’m going to publicly say this seriously for a sec. My dear sister.  You can do absolutely anything…anything you put your mind to. There is no one who will ever believe in your journey more than me.  So just do it. Put YOU first, dammit!!! Say “no” more when you need to, say “yes” to you.  There is freedom on the other side. You are the most beautiful person I know. And clearly you got the looks out of our gene pool.  (Mom and dad gave me the sarcasm and the ability to call a cleaning lady to take care of my house every two weeks) Fucking rock it…and don’t give up or I’m going to find the tallest Come F@ck me pumps in my closet and kick your ass with them. I know you love me!!!

I know people starting school and finishing school, moving and starting great jobs. So many great things.

Mine are kind of small in comparison to some. I’ll call it a continuation of the journey…because lets face it, the journey is never ending. Sometimes its a positive journey where your eyes are opened to new possibilities and sometimes its a shit storm. So take each part and grow with it.

If you don’t happen to have big plans for change or maybe are feeling like you’re in an rut. That’s ok too..we all have them. Greatness comes from weathering the storm. You are totally coming out stronger…so be good to you.  I’m here to lend a hand and give you a great big pull out of the hole.

When you don’t believe in you…know that I do.  Even if I don’t know you…you’ve got good stuff inside you. Sometimes we all just need a little more time to shine.

Hugs to you!

DP Babbles xo






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