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That’s Life

26 Jan

The best reminder of my journey…

imageSome wise person somewhere said that people come into your life for a reason. I firmly believe this. I believe that everything happens for a reason too. I may not understand it, and sometimes I want to shoot up my middle finger and scream what the fuck to life, but I have to say I’m thankful for these moments. Even the crappiest times are educational in the “journey”.

Yesterday was a craptastic day. I misplaced my favorite and only pair of good earrings. I let my daughter wear them and she handed them to me on the soccer field Saturday morning after an all nighter at work. So somehow in my incoherence, I misplaced them.  I know this seems small but it was coupled with a shitty personal moment. I was temporarily failing at life. We all have those moments. It was just a teary one. I decided the best place for me was bootcamp. I needed to sweat out the bad mood. After bootcamp, I realized that I’m lucky to have every single person and moment in my life. They all teach me things I need to know. They are ALL part of my journey. If you look closely, whether in the past or not…you have some of these people in your life.

The ultimate fan. After feeling down yesterday. A really wise person told me that they think I may have forgotten my journey and how far I’ve come. That I’m a totally different person than I was 6 years ago.  That I can do anything…anything at all. It’s so true. I forced myself to look back.  And I see it. I’m a rockin’ chick, my own superhero. She’s the fan who knows how far you’ve come, how you have that last little bit to overcome, and even though your scared as shit to finally accomplish it, she sees you doing it. We all have that person in our life.

Then there is that one person that you can tell every horrible thing you’ve ever done or thought to and they love you no matter what. No judgements, just true support. The ones that would never throw stones at your glass cottage, house, mansion or castle.  These are the people who always are there. They keep your secrets and love you when you aren’t so lovable. And of course you would do the same for them. Life is a two way street after all. These are the same people you never fight with because everything is really just ok…no matter what.

There is the person who gave you confidence when you had very little. They probably don’t even know it, and that’s ok. The person who thinks its cool for you to be whoever you are, like whatever you like and do what makes you happy. They could be a random person passing you by to someone you know well. A little confidence goes a long way.

There are are the people who have known you forever. A group of amazing people. The ones you can talk about the past, hope for the future. The ones who drunk message you with pictures of their beer at all hours of the night and provide endless entertainment. The ones who know what’s inside of your heart and when you just need a hug. You can cry, laugh, say the stupidest things and they still see you for the old friend you are. Those same friends who offer you a kind word or advice when needed or just a shoulder for your blubbering messy cry face. These people are friends and family. (Yes, sister…that’s you too!)

There are the people who make you feel stupid…the dumbest of dumb. The “Why did I do that?” or “Why did I say that?” peeps. Even these lovies  have a place in your life. Those are the ones that you wish didn’t have that ability to make you feel that insecure. The people who you wish you could take back sometimes. The tear-er down-ers, the narcissistic people, When I think about these kinds of people in my life, I realize they are an essential part. If I look past the negative, I realize they help me become stronger.  It feels like shit for a bit though. (You know I’m right, too) You know what I would say to them? Watch me…you’ll be sorry for ever making me feel like a nobody.  You are somebody to someone. And you are loved.

Then there are the people who unconditionally love you. The one person who may see through your bullshit and call you on it, but the same person who would part the oceans to make you happy. The person who puts effort in, and fights for you and makes you feel loved. EVERYONE deserves a piece of that pie.

I really am so thankful for everyone in my life. I love people…with my whole heart. Even the people who don’t know what to do with it.   I’m still over here sending happy vibes…and I’m still here feeling blessed. So thank you…to ever person who has had a hand in shaping me into the strong, but sometimes not so strong, chick I am. Mad props to my peeps!

Please always know that even when life looks like it’s wiped it’s ass with you, there is a lesson to be learned. So spend a day and cry it out. But then  I think you kick life in the teeth, show it who’s in charge. Everyone has three things in them, even if they don’t know it. Strength,    love and hope.  It’s all in there. Just in case you need a little strength today and are feeling unsure, know this about life and the people in it…

“Beginnings are scary. Endings are usually sad. But it’s the middle that counts the most.
You need to remember that when you find yourself at the beginning.
Just give hope a chance to float up.
…and it will too.” Hope Floats

Happy Tuesday! 😘

DP Babbles



Communication and such…

21 Jan

I’ve been listening, lately, to many of my friends’ stories. Stories about communication, lack thereof, way too much, the rules about communication. This is a big deal. Communication is key in everything, yet it’s something most of us do poorly.

Take me for instance. I consider myself a pretty passionate person. I feel things and when I feel strongly about anything…I cry. When I’m super angry, frustrated, happy,or sad…it’s a given. I. Just. Cry. The problem is that people who don’t know me well enough, don’t know that, so it comes off as weak.  If you’re nice to me I’m pretty open. If you raise your voice at me, I shut down.  I wear my heart on my sleeve. I’m no saint though. Sometimes I’m a downright asshole.  I usually end up apologizing for it, even when well deserved.  I listen to stories and read articles and it makes me realize how many of us are communication rejects.

I have a beautiful, smart friend who has been in the dating scene for quite a while. But she tells me stories about rules and shit. Wtf? You mean if you like someone, there are rules? You can’t just call them, or text them. And if you do, you have to wait to respond for a certain amount of time?  Whaaaaaaat?????

So we’re supposed to play games? I’m old and out of the game then. That’s plain old stupid. Does that go for everyone? Do you do that to your friends and people you are close to as well? Do I need to learn new rules of communication? If you feel the need to game play, why bother even talking to someone? If you don’t want to talk to someone, you don’t just tell them?  If you want to play games, can’t you play beer pong, Cards Against Humanity or Corn Hole?  Maybe a fun little strip Twister?

Then there’s the texting content rules. For instance using a period at the end of a sentence is considered aggressive or means you have attitude. What the f*ck was I thinking. All that time in English and I don’t need to use a period. All those years of school wasted.

Don’t text back more than someone texts you. It looks desperate. I can see not writing a book, but I’m wondering if someone gives a 5 word sentence and then you text back two sentences, are you now considered needy?  This shit is rough…

I would have some issues in today’s dating world. I have some issues in today’s everyday world. I’m a rule breaker. So, I’m glad I don’t have to do this. I don’t have these hellacious rules in my book. I talk to much, text to long, love to hear stories. I also like people to know they are thought of, and cared for. I would never want someone to feel like shit because of me. I’m sure I’m not innocent, I’m just sayin’… can’t we be nice and mostly honest? You don’t have to lay it all out there but you don’t have to be ridiculously sketch about it either.

This is what I (and some of the people I know ) wish.  I wish it for everyone. I know it’s not realistic, but let me ride on my pink unicorn for a few minutes. These are DP Babbles Rules (with friend’s additions) for being human. They aren’t even dating rules. I know nothing about that so I’m going broad with it.

Say hello to people. Look them in the eye and smile. (You’ve got an amazing smile!)

Be nice to those who care about you, but never string them along.  Be upfront…upfront. (See, friends…I do listen to these stories!)

Call. (This was a really passionate request) If you can’t call, let someone know your thinking of them.  It’s good stuff. I love random texts from my friends. I also love letting others know they crossed my mind. This is not just an opposite sex thing, this is a human thing.

Don’t yell (use ALL CAPS) in your texts. It’s annoying and not cute.

Don’t ignore people and f*ck the time rule. If you want to respond you should. And you shouldn’t have to wait 4 hours to do it.

When your wrong, say it and apologize sincerely.  Admit when you screwed up. We all do it. We should all own it. I even have issues with this one…but we are all a work in progress.

Lastly, don’t be a total douche canoe. Use the golden rule. It really does still apply. And I can tell you it applies more than the stupid texting rules. No one likes crappy people who play games and make others feel like shit.  No one wants to feel inferior to someone else. So don’t try hard to destroy someone. Again…not a dating rule…a human rule.

If I want to add in my own  ridiculous rules though… Don’t use the word “gotcha” or the letter “K” when responding to me. It agitates me. I don’t know why, but it’s my own ridiculous rule.

Until next time…DP Babbles





Let’s Give a Shout Out to Positive Change

6 Jan


Well Happy New Year, everyone! I am excited for a new beginning of sorts. Not a resolution of course, just a corner I’ve turned that makes me feel like I now am able to fully commit to me and getting my shit together. But, here’s the thing. There are some amazing things going on in the lives of others and it shows just how much there is to be excited about in the new year. And some of the people I know just don’t know how to get as excited as I am about it. So, I’m going to help them out.

Today I got back on the running train and had a kick ass run.  Firstly, I didn’t face plant into the sidewalk like I so eloquently did on New Year’s Eve. (If the lawn maintenance crew happen to be comedians, I give them plenty of stupid clumsy bitch jokes to write) I made my mileage at pretty good pace.  It was so kick ass that I would have had Morgan Freeman narrate it.  I’m not going to lie,though, Jimmy Fallon would probably be able to narrate it more my style.   So it was a good start. Tomorrow starts the beginning of the ass beating I intend to give myself via hard work and exercise. I’ve got shit to do and I intend on getting it done. Nothing but positivity with the occasional well placed F bomb.  Like this:  I f@cking love to sit on my ass and read smutty books run. Hell f@cking yeah, Imma tear up this Big Mac spinach salad up. Holy f@ck, this bootcamp session sucks  is f@cking awesome. See what I did there?  Positivity… but it’s not just about me…  This is what awesomeness is going down around me.

My friend, Mrs. W, is starting off the year with her first half marathon. She has had an amazing transformation and her journey to half marathon is about to become reality. She inspires me every damn day. Getting healthy is fricken hard. People don’t like when you want to change shit up on them. She has broken barriers…and I’m so excited for her journey. So, go Mrs. W!!!!!! I heartachoo!!!!

I have a friend from elementary school who is all kinds of beauty and brains. Erica Nowacki opened a Pilates studio called Core954 with her hubs.  She is changing lives and bodies.  This is huge stuff. We need more confidence and her confidence and get it done attitude is contagious.  There isn’t anyone more supportive of change.  If you live in the Broward area, you should check her classes out. (I certainly intend to!) See what the fuss is all about at !

One of my first Pediatric Nursing preceptors recently started on her journey. I just ran a race with her last month.  She has also made quite a transformation. Just awesome sauce kind of stuff. I still won’t let her live down the time some kiddo puked macaroni and cheese all over the floor and I cleaned it up because she can’t do vomit, but who cares now. She’s running like a champ!

My sister, Princess Ariel, (I gave her an alias for fun…it was really for my fun though cause most of you know her) has been kicking some crazy booty in her new position at work. She’s the boss lady and I’m so proud of her. Now that she’s got that in order she’s working on herself a bit. Doing some fun healthy eating and working out of her own. I’m going to publicly say this seriously for a sec. My dear sister.  You can do absolutely anything…anything you put your mind to. There is no one who will ever believe in your journey more than me.  So just do it. Put YOU first, dammit!!! Say “no” more when you need to, say “yes” to you.  There is freedom on the other side. You are the most beautiful person I know. And clearly you got the looks out of our gene pool.  (Mom and dad gave me the sarcasm and the ability to call a cleaning lady to take care of my house every two weeks) Fucking rock it…and don’t give up or I’m going to find the tallest Come F@ck me pumps in my closet and kick your ass with them. I know you love me!!!

I know people starting school and finishing school, moving and starting great jobs. So many great things.

Mine are kind of small in comparison to some. I’ll call it a continuation of the journey…because lets face it, the journey is never ending. Sometimes its a positive journey where your eyes are opened to new possibilities and sometimes its a shit storm. So take each part and grow with it.

If you don’t happen to have big plans for change or maybe are feeling like you’re in an rut. That’s ok too..we all have them. Greatness comes from weathering the storm. You are totally coming out stronger…so be good to you.  I’m here to lend a hand and give you a great big pull out of the hole.

When you don’t believe in you…know that I do.  Even if I don’t know you…you’ve got good stuff inside you. Sometimes we all just need a little more time to shine.

Hugs to you!

DP Babbles xo